Monday, August 25, 2014

Je suis un cow-boy

Howdy - If the Chanel show in Dallas is an indication, western-inspired wear will be huge upcoming season. It's all about Americana and the Wild Wild West. So keep your eye open for the cowboys that will saddle up and take over the streets. In the meanwhile, here I am, in some western wear.

Vintage blouse   The Kooples hat

Monday, August 11, 2014

Board away

Holiday spirit includes; life's a beach & time for adventure. Today this ended up in reinventing my boarding skills with this pretty girl I found on the side of the road. I put myself in an all vintage levi's outfit and I was all set to go. Do you board along with me?

Vintage Levi's

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


O yes, we all love the nineties, so does the fashion industry. Many designers choose to reintroduce the belly shirt this season, but with a better name; the cropped sweater. Wearing this made me flashback to the controversy popstar Madonna caused by wearing a crop top in her video for the song "Lucky Star" and to my teenage idols the Spice Girls. It's belly time again.

The Kooples leather jacket   -   Denham jeans   -   Zara cropped sweater